Redis URL shortner in Go hosted on heroku

Hope you have read my previous article on testing redis on heroku & App engine . [wpi_designer_button text=’Download’ link=’’ style_id=’48’ icon=’github’ target=’_blank’] OR [wpi_designer_button text=’Preview’ link=’’ style_id=’48’ icon=’cloud’ target=’_blank’] Features Included: 1. Used online redis provided by redislabs 2. Proper folder structure ( I believe so) 3. Shows notifications in go 4. Added support for clipboard.js I hope […]

Deploy redis in go on Google App Engine & Heroku

Having touched golang recently, I felt the need for a good project, that could give me an insight into golang programming and redis. So, I worked on Shortify – the url shortener. Though it is not a high level project, it gave a basic idea of getting started. Redis: ( Blah Blah Blah .. ) […]