Getting started with React

React is a javascript framework for building user interface. It is very common to see React used along with Redux, for complex web application. In the next session I will talk about redux.


In the previous tutorial, we have implement the game part. We now need to add our neural network to the game to automate player jumps. Make sure to download the complete project files. [wpi_designer_button text=’Download’ link=’’ style_id=’48’ icon=’github’ target=’_blank’] & [wpi_designer_button text=’Presentation slides’ link=’’ style_id=’48’ icon=’show’ target=’_blank’] Before we start, we need to get introduced to some […]


Game AI using and Synaptic : PART 1

Hey, whats up! Long time writing a tutorial. So here is small series on game development & AI. Not a big game, but enough to get started on your own. Make sure to download the complete project. Also in the next article, I will be adding an Artificial neural network to this game, so that, […]

Redis URL shortner in Go hosted on heroku

Hope you have read my previous article on testing redis on heroku & App engine . [wpi_designer_button text=’Download’ link=’’ style_id=’48’ icon=’github’ target=’_blank’] OR [wpi_designer_button text=’Preview’ link=’’ style_id=’48’ icon=’cloud’ target=’_blank’] Features Included: 1. Used online redis provided by redislabs 2. Proper folder structure ( I believe so) 3. Shows notifications in go 4. Added support for clipboard.js I hope […]

Deploy redis in go on Google App Engine & Heroku

Having touched golang recently, I felt the need for a good project, that could give me an insight into golang programming and redis. So, I worked on Shortify – the url shortener. Though it is not a high level project, it gave a basic idea of getting started. Redis: ( Blah Blah Blah .. ) […]

React+Redux+Soundcloud = Musio

The first thing which pops into my mind when thinking about react and redux is thenewboston infographics. In this tutorial I will walk you through my personal project Musio.  In the previous article, I have covered the basics of react.

How to use Retrofit in Android Studio?

This is a simple tutorial on how to implement Retrofit, the REST api in your android application. If you are intending to save the REST data for offline usage, then How to use GreenDao in android studio? is a good read. Make sure you download the complete project. [wpi_designer_button text=’Download’ link=’’ style_id=’48’ icon=’github’ target=’_blank’] STEPS […]

Ionic IOT ( MQTT ) Client using Eclipse Paho – Part 4

This app will help you monitor sensor datas uploaded to cloud via MQTT and visualize it in  the form of Spline. Use-case scenario: The app’s primary objective is to monitor elder peoples health condition from remote periodicaly. In-fact, we wanted to integrate more sensors in the device, like Temperature, GPS etc. This could also be […]

Sensors for ESP8266-01 : Part 5

This is a follow up of the tutorial series, on IOT-with-ESP-01. If you can’t follow this article, make sure to read the complete series. NOTE: 1. First of all, you should know that, ESP-01 has only 2 GPIO pins and no ADC pins. So we can only use digital output sensors. 2. LM35 (Temperature Sensor), […]